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Check out our newest collection of Mens Shorts. Once again, Quiksilver leads the way in innovation, function and style for you to completely enjoy your outdoor spring and summer lifestyle. Whether you’re headed to the beach, riding your skateboard, or just enjoying the day, Quiksilver has new shorts for men that will fit you perfectly. With plenty of designs and styles to choose from, such as the Camo short, cargo shorts and walkshorts all made with comfortable materials, you’ll be feeling great and looking even better all season long.

Quiksilver Mens Shorts: Plenty of Styles to Choose From

We take a lot of pride in offering a wide variety of different styles of Quiksilver walkshorts to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something fit and proper or a casual, everyday walkshort for guys, we’ve got the size, style and quality that you’re looking for. Plain, plaid, striped, bright, light, floral, Bermuda, cargo -- you name it, and there’s a good chance we got it. And if we don’t, there’s a great chance nobody wants to wear it. .

Blend In While Standing Out with Quiksilver Camo Shorts

At ease, soldier. Or maybe you’re not a soldier at all, but you’re a guy who appreciates a nice comfortable camo short. Are we right? Camouflage is one of those prints that never goes out of style. And with durable Quiksilver materials and stitching, you’ll be able to wear these shorts until they do go out of style. (Not happening anytime soon.) .

Keep it Casual with Quiksilver Chino Shorts

Comfortable, cozy, and 100% cotton, just the way a chino short should be. Of course, it’s always best to add a little Quiksilver flare. Don’t worry about the cotton; these are pre-washed so you can stick with ordering your normal size. Zip-fly in the front, quarter top pockets on the side and one back button-through welt pocket. It’s a wonderful combo of fashion and function. .

Quicksilver Bermuda Shorts: Stride with Style

Plenty of Bermuda shorts for guys, and it stops right at the knee as it should. These are great for when when you’re on your board, or you can merely use them as beach shorts. Always comfortable and always casual, so you’ll feel as smooth as you look. However, be careful not to get caught up into a Bermuda love triangle. .

Keep Plaid Rad with Quiksilver

Wear plaid shorts designed with both vertical and horizontal lines, because you’re a dynamic kind of guy. You’re not always sure where the road is leading, but you know how to handle the situation once you get there. Wear plaid loud and proud, subtle and chic, or grab pair of each to be ready for whatever mood you’re in. .

Beach Shorts That Last Long

Beach season goes hand in hand with pool parties, music festivals, and BBQ’s. Be prepared for the festivities with a new wardrobe of beach shorts that are ready for action. There’s nothing that says “summer” like a fresh a new beach short. And being the premier surf clothing company, we know exactly what the beach short is all about, so we build shorts that last long. .

Quiksilver Walkshort Features for Men

Designed with features that are designed to fit you and your lifestyle. Whether it’s an elastic waist or cargo pockets, Quiksilver has not only designed something that looks good, but also constantly comes in handy. .

With An Elastic Waist, Your Shorts Adapt To You

Our men’s walkshorts are designed with an elastic waist, designed to be comfortable and form-fitted to your body. They’re easy to get on, comfortable when you’re wearing them, and easy to get off. Great to keep in mind when you meet someone out at the beach. .

Carry Around All Your Cargo

Great shorts for the summer. Side pockets designed to securely hold your extra belongings, which is great for all the summer activities. .

The Quiksilver shorts collection for men has never been more versatile. We’re featuring all sorts of designs and styles that are fit for any spring or summer occasion. Walk around confidently knowing you’re wearing something that makes you look and feel great. Pick out your favorite pairs of Quiksilver shorts today.